About Us

About Us

Custom Pools has been building Residential Pools since 1964 and our sister company Worldwide Pools since 2000.

We united both companies over 10 years ago to not only add strength to both pool companies but to unite both teams into one. Both companies work hand in hand with giving our customers the opportunity to have a dedicated staff member specializing in different aspects of both companies.

Both company team divisions are:

Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Plans, Permitting, Accounting, Project Managers, and Field Superintendents.

This team not only makes us the largest pool contractors in Miami but helps give our customers 100% satisfaction, from the beginning to the end of the pool project.

By adding the sister companies together we have been able to save money on large volume pool equipment purchases which is why we're able to pass those savings to our customers, giving them a fair and honest price.

We never ask for large deposits and the pool construction payments are divided into 4 easy payments DURING the pool construction process, NEVER UPFRONT.

This is why our customers trust our Company and always recommend us.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to give a call, you will never be forced into high sales tactics only a family pool building experience.

The Worldwide Pool & Custom Pools Family

Our strategy for building our top-notch pool companies has been to provide a proactive and supportive work environment, one that provides all employees with the opportunity to grow and thrive personally and professionally. We have many team members of our family today who have been with us since the beginning. We strive to provide our employees with a balance between their working and personal lives. And, in turn, we encourage the following from all staff members:

Questions? We're here to help.

Call Us At  (305) 669-1985

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