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How much does it cost to build a pool in Miami?

When your looking for the cost of a pool first you need to look at is Reputable Pool Contractors in Miami. For pool prices we look at each city in Miami different due to your local Building Department fees. Normally Miami Dade has reasonable fees however other cities such as Cutler Bay, Homestead, Doral or Coral Gables have higher pool permit fees.

Another things that affect the pool cost are: -Small Access to the pool construction area -High water table zones -Hard Rock areas -Lots of pool features -Large Paver Deck Area -Bad soil or Demucking Area In general I can say that a inground pool cost in Miami normally start off with a budget between 30k-35k. Reach out to my team for your free pool estimate and we can give you an exact pool price.

Is a Pool a good investment?

Living in Miami i feel its a must to have a swimming pool. Your home will increase in value for at least the price of the pool you paid or more. A study was done in South Florida and 75% of the homeowners that were looking to buy with an existing pool.
You can visit the Worldwide Pools website and on the FAQs page we have a great Article on Is a Pool a good investment.

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